Help young people with their sport future

Are you doing a sport and you dream is to studying and doing your sport at University or Colleagues?
This is the best place, where you can present yourslef in front of University & Colleagues coaches and contacts. With registration to SPORTHOSTING you will do the first step toward you dream.
The main goal for this service is to provide as much as possible information about players to University & Colleague coaches and contacts.


With player's account you can:
  • show general information
  • add up to five video
  • add your statistics
  • add your awards & highlights
  • visible contact for all logged coaches
  • visible up to list of players



With coach account you can:
  • see complete player's profile including contacts
  • create your favourite players group (not visible for players)


Showcase Organizer

With showcase organizer account you can:
  • insert showcases
  • edit information about showcase
  • disable showcase

Coming soon